Further: An advanced workshop

Further is our newest workshop based as always on experiencing self -forgiveness and living the Course in Miracles. It is a personal and deepening experience of learning more about our special function and identifying what still holds us back from living a life of total trust and willingness to be guided. ‘what if you but knew that all things past, present and to come were gently planned …’ (ACIM W135.18)

The workshop is less structured than others as we will be depending on the collective wisdom that will come through the group consciousness to guide us to what needs to happen- we are all equal in this process if we take the time to be fully present and listen. We have all experienced that magical moment in every workshop when we know the Holy Spirit has taken over and our minds  join. We know that what each of us brings into the group touches us deeply and that healing occurs for each of us that extends far beyond the workshop into the lives of others. We don’t know what lessons Further has for us all and we trust that it will be revealed gently, lovingly and powerfully.

Who is it for? 
Anyone who has experienced more than 1 workshop with us and/or completed TPC Level

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Great workshop and well worth the trip to Hockley Valley
John (57), Waterloo, Ontario 

What a wonderful, rich, authentic, transformative, freeing experience.
Elie (42), Toronto, Ontario 

We need to do this once a year … !
Susan (57), Georgetown, Ontario

Great workshop! Caring and sensitive facilitators. You provide caring, support and space for people to work on healing difficulties in their lives. Afsaneh (50)

More testimonials… 

‘Further’ a workshop planned, not by us but in heaven. It’s been a powerful and authentic experience

Thank you for being there. Everything fitted and it was good the way it was. Especially the commitment, love, willingness, courage and openness of all was awesome.

This weekend was very special for me. The weekend brought me this: now the light is on I can go ‘further’.
Love of my heart, Ton 

My experience this weekend is of learning to love myself, by accepting others. When I accept others for what they are I am not judging myself.
Athena, Toronto, Ontario 

This weekend taught me:

  • To stay with myself; I do not have to be a smart guy, I just have to be present.
  • To be humble in the role I play, to trust everything has been lovingly planned for me. I AM SAFE!
  • I can honor the faith and rituals of other people, even when they are not my own.
  • Resistance will tell me redemption will be at the opposite end. And that is not true.
  • Sadness, pain and anger can coexist in acceptance and love and all those feelings can be felt in peace.

Dear people, thank you!
Love, Bram

Four times today I tried to send you an email about my experiences this weekend and I couldn’t find the words. This went too deep, it’s been too important and not of this world to be able to express this in words of this world. So I’m not going to try to explain all this to you (or myself) … I let it Be. I love you and I’m honored to know you.

The weekend brought me a lot: I experienced wholeness, surrender, trust and safety; the willingness to go much further, to let go of patterns. I’ve become conscious, I’ve experienced how many parts of myself I have put away, denied. I have even thrust away part of my self. Now I have included all parts! Today I feel different, more complete and joyful and I know and feel this is because much has been healed inside. This is how it feels and I don’t need to know how precisely this happened. Thank you, thank you very much for all the processes I have been witness off. I feel very rich!! Experience during the breathing” I want to go further More and more The experience of surrender I do not thrust away my mind Be welcome, you too Belongs to me I enclose you Part of all my parts That belong to my totality I notice the peace and let it be When I do this This feels good: Surrender !!

The fact that there was no program and no trainers made it rather uncomfortable the first hours. This was a good start because in this spot I encounter all kinds of things I can work with ( I have to do well, fear to show myself and not knowing how to do this, irritation with others etc). It’s easy and safe to follow someone, the way it happens in other workshops.

It was, beautiful, impressive to be present when Paul and Jane shared what was up for them. This felt very authentic, this made them feel much nearer and made it easier to see them as Paul and Jane instead of trainers. After a certain time the workshop went by itself, we didn’t have to do a thing.

For myself it brought me gratefulness, this was awesome; who could have thought I might experience this. It brought me reverence for parents, brothers as well, humility. I found it wasn’t easy to remember my forgotten children, here I was doing something different from my family. It wasn’t easy to either find or express in words how this felt for me.
Love, Jeanet

Further means for me to get closer, this much is clear to me now. To return to the centre, via darkness and pain to get closer to my own self and in the same way to others. Not-knowing, surrender, trust and going with whatever is on the move ; all this takes me further. In this centre I felt the longing for my lost child. Lovingly planned with precisely those people that were needed. coming closer to the pain brought me back to love, .. brought back to the light everything that had been lost or forgotten. I did say it often but never felt it .. until this weekend .. I too am a child of God.
Love, Marloes

This is what the weekend brought me:

  • Surrender to not-knowing, I let myself be guided by whatever happened to me or others. In that spot I encountered uncertainties and judgments about myself and others.
  • I experienced how this weekend has been lovingly planned by someone whose only goal is my wellbeing. This made for humility and I am grateful
  • I experienced equality, because we were all the same, we were all participants we were all willing to show our vulnerability. This was a great present.
  • I experience how each group has a theme and how this theme gently enfolds and how each participant had his own part in this theme.
  • I was impressed by how, during the breathing, I met my two miscarriages; I could meet and communicate with them. This was a very moving experience and I felt healed by it.
  • I was impressed by the last beautiful ceremony in which each of us introduced his or her lost children to the light and healed that part in himself. Since then I feel myself to be the mother of 4 instead of 2 children, this has gotten its place in the family system. This feels as a happiness and great warmth.

Thank you for pioneering like this with me and with each other, this has been a beautiful adventure and yes I would like to travel further with you all.