Getting Real


Everyone has a made up story. Good, bad, or ugly. We began the story as children. When we experienced painful or difficult emotions we tucked them away and ‘forgot’.

We don’t want to visit this place if we can help it and we do everything to avoid it. The thing is, this same place also holds the key to feeling fully happy and alive.  - 



Further is our newest workshop, designed for people with more experience. As always, it is based on experiencing self-forgiveness and living the Course in Miracles. 

It is a personal and deepening experience of learning more about our special function and identifying what still holds us back.  -

Relationship workshop


This workshop clarifies the difference between ‘special’ and ‘holy’ relationships, and lights the way from one to the other.

It offers powerful processes designed to help participants absorb the teachings of ACIM on the most profound experiential levels, the workshop will also look at:  -

The edge


The Edge is perhaps the most singular in focus of all our Workshops. It walks us to and exposes the fallacy and false promise of the ego’s ultimate lure…substitutes for Love.

This is a workshop addressing and healing attachments and addictions.  -

Return to innocence


Sexuality has been given to us as a beautiful means of communication.

Yet how many of us are able to express ourselves sexually as the innocent and loving souls that we are?  -

Stepping Up


This is a workshop about being and experiencing yourself living fully and out loud. It is a workshop about living the Course in Miracles.

It seems to be part of the human psyche to be curious about who we are.  -