Transpersonal Coaching 2


TPC 2 provides the knowledge and skills needed in working with others. Knowledge, skills and tools of coaching are provided as what was learned in TPC 1 is integrated. Students are encouraged to step further into being a meaningful role model of authentic communication and connection. 

Learning goals

  • To continue the personal development journey begun in TPC 1
  • To identify your own unique style and purpose for being a coach
  • To become authentic, grounded and skilled coaches ready to step into the coaching profession
  • To become knowledgeable and proficient in the 11 internationally accepted coaching competencies required of a coaching professional.

As in level 1, all classes are a balance of short presentations, and experiential exercises. Every class includes time to practice, reflect and receive feedback along with the opportunity to share your personal successes and challenges in a safe, supportive environment.  

Following is a list of some of the major topics, a more specific timetable will be made available upon registration.

Introduction to coaching 

  • What is Transpersonal Coaching?
  • What does it mean to be a coach?
  • Why do you want to be a coach?
  • The difference between therapy, consulting, mentoring and coaching ICF competencies

Creating a coaching toolbox Section 1

  • What skills (competencies) are needed?
  • Ethics and integrity
  • What is the structure needed to conduct a “coaching conversation?”

Creating a coaching toolbox Section 2

  • Setting meaningful goals
  • What are the steps needed between where you are now and the achievement of your goal? Exercises for practice coaching
  • What is support?
  • Being 100% present to self and client
  • Active and effective listening and skills

Creating a coaching toolbox Section 3

  • The role of humanistic psychology in Transpersonal Coaching
  • The role of NLP in coaching
  • Identifying personal talents and qualities as a coach
  • Core quadrants as a coaching technique
  • Body centred techniques application to coaching 

All classes will involve practice practice practice! 


2 Streams

Stream 1: For those wishing to continue with Level 2 but do not wish to go for professional certification. requirements include attending at least 80% of the classes and completing a learning portfolio. 

22 classes (6 hours) plus 2 residential weekends 

The cost for this training program is 2500 euro. 

Stream 2: For those wishing to go on to professional certification. Students will be required to complete hours of coaching and 10 hours of mentoring. In addition, students will be assessed and provided with specific feedback on their coaching skills and expected to complete a final learning portfolio/reflective journal. additional readings will be supplied.

22 classes (6 hours) plus 2 residential weekends

  • Coaching a minimum of 6 clients (if qualifying for ACC certification you will have 18 months to complete a coaching log of 100 hours of individual and group coaching) 6 of these sessions will be assessed and you will be provided with constructive feedback on next steps.
  • 10 hours of mentoring
  • Final examination (portfolio, knowledge test and practice test). 

All classes will be a combination of presentations on theory and skills, the opportunity to practice and time to share personal successes and challenges.


3700 euro. Includes tuition, handout materials, assessments and mentoring. Exclusive of costs for registering with ICF for membership and qualifying exam.

For both streams: If you are a student, older than 65 years or a recipient of government assistance you qualify for a reduced fee of 2000 euro (Stream 1) 3200 (stream 2). Payment plans are available upon request. For more information, see the Registration form

Transpersonal Coaching 1

Jane Tipping and colleagues. 

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