Transpersonal Coaching 1


The goal of this training program is to provide the student with knowledge and skills in relation to the unique approach of Transpersonal work. Transpersonal goes beyond our individual stories and how we experience and give meaning to events in our lives. It seeks the higher meaning in all of our experiences from the basic assumption that all events happen for us, not to us. Everything and everyone has meaning and purpose. Level 1 is a deeply personal journey that explores and unravels all the events, beliefs and perceptions that have led to our own unique way of being in the world. It can be taken as personal development or as a prerequisite for the coaching training that occurs in TPC 2.

Structure of the classes
All classes combine theory and the opportunity to experience, discuss, and explore in a warm and supportive group environment. Students are encouraged to use the classroom as a safe place to experiment with new and meaningful ways to connect with themselves and others; often resulting in profound and rewarding changes in all relationships. 


  • What we are is far more important than who we are – so what are we? (the transpersonal or spiritual dimension)
  • Family systems and why each of us turned out to be exactly who we are – no mistakes!
  • Learning to question -what beliefs do I take for granted without thinking and what is needed to step out of the ‘same old same old’ patterns that no longer serve?
  • What is your personal story and how have significant events made an impact on how you now interact with others and the world?
  • What is needed to be authentic in all relationships?
  • What is true intimacy?
  • What is your purpose in life?
  • What does it take to look everything and all events as helpful for your personal journey? 

This training program consist of 20 classes and 2 residential weekends. Each class lasts 8 hours including breaks and time for lunch.

The cost for this training program is 2500 euro. If you are a student, older than 65 years or receiving government subsidy the fee is reduced to 2000 euro. Several payment options are available on request. For more information, see the Registration form.

Pre requisite for registration
The introductory workshop ‘Getting Real’ (‘Bevrijding’).

Paul Goudsmit, Jane Tipping and colleagues. 

More information and registration?
For more information you can contact Paul Goudsmit (+31 6 – 23 33 64 11) or Registration is possible by filling in the Registration form

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Dear Paul & Jane,

Why I specifically choose for this little sculpture? Connection, oneness, harmony, personal growth, love (the heart), is what I see in it and what I experienced as well last year. Topics to keep developing in my life, with love. Paul & Jane: Thank you for your open home, your open heart and this wonderful year!

Love, Joeke


Dear Paul & Jane,

Thank you very much for you this year. 2016 was very special to me and the training made it even more special. It is great to finally have a father.  And it is even more great to help myself and my family with our issues. And not only my family, people around me are touched by what is happening.

Lots of Love, Christine