Training program ‘Transpersonal Coaching’

General program vision and goals
This program is primarily directed at developing the knowledge and skills required to provide in -depth coaching that helps people live a life of balance, meaning and purpose.

2 levels: TPC 1 and 2

Our training program ‘Transpersonal Coaching’ (TPC) has two levels:

  • TPC 1 is an inner quest that focuses on the dynamics that created each of us as unique human beings, the qualities and the limiting beliefs that can keep us stuck. This is a personal development course that explores the role of transpersonal psychology in providing meaning and purpose to life. It can be taken as a “stand alone” program or serve as the prerequisite for professional coach training based on the belief that to be an effective coach, an understanding of self and the challenges of change are essential.
  • TPC 2 focuses on increasing basic knowledge and skills required in working with others in self-exploration and provides practice and feedback opportunities as both coach and client. The program focuses on several factors: how to be truly present as a coach, building trust and communication, asking powerful questions, helping people identify values and limiting beliefs that keep them stuck, conducting a coaching conversation and the theory and skills necessary to be a professional coach based on the 11 competencies put forward by the International Coach Federation. 

TPC 1, and 2 can be taken individually for purposes of personal growth and professional development. To qualify as a coach both levels must be successfully completed. 

  • Both levels can be taken purely as a personal growth experience or as training to be a certified transpersonal coach.

Accredited training program
Since 2016 the Transpersonal Coaching Training is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) with the ICF (International Coach Federation). Upon successful completion participants will be able to then apply for the professional status of Associate or Professional Certified Coach.  

Intended participants
This program is intended for people who:

  • Desire to make a difference in life
  • Have a sense they are supposed to be doing something ‘bigger’
  • Understand everyone desires to live a life that has purpose and meaning
  • Have compassion
  • Are committed to their own and others’ personal growth
  • Have an awareness of the importance of the role of spirituality in living a purposeful life
  • Are willing and able to fully participate in the program. 

Our training philosophy
Our training philosophy is one that embraces learning by experiencing. The training encourages authenticity in its students and authenticity on the part of the instructors. There is a sound theoretical basis to what we do and thus the program is a balanced combination of didactic and interactive methods. 

Our coaching philosophy
Our coaching philosophy is one of walking the talk and thus being a demonstration or model of authenticity. Coaching is an art that requires understanding of the ‘guide on the side’ not the ‘sage on the stage’. The client directs the process; the coach asks the questions. It is a non-directive and supportive activity geared towards the client discovering what is of importance to them, what true life balance means, what is needed for them to achieve their goals and carrying this through to action. We believe coaching is enhanced through adding a transpersonal or spiritual dimension. 

Language and locations
All TPC training programs are available in Dutch and English. Face to face training is available in The Netherlands. We are currently developing an on-line program in English that will be available in 2017. 

Our Code of Ethics and Terms and conditions apply to all our training programs. 


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